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PUBG Mobile Season 14 Trailer Leaked "Spark the Flame" Watch Video now

pubg mobile season 14 video

The official trailer for PUBG Mobile Season 14 "Spark the Flame" was leaked. Expect the new season to arrive in two weeks.

The next season of PUBG Mobile is two weeks away and the opening trailer seems to have leaked. The season 14 theme, as mentioned above, will be called "Spark the Flame" and the leaked trailer will reconfirm the previous leaks. The alleged trailer was leaked by YouTuber Mr. Ghost Gaming, who performed well in regards to PUBG Mobile content.

The trailer is rolled back into what looks like a post-apocalypse world inspired by Mad Max. You can see a car chase in which two people lead their "boss" through the desert, who has a special costume with purple hair and a shield. The President detonated the two cars effortlessly chasing them, but then the "hero" arrives perfectly in a leather garment with golden shoulders, a hat, and a general cap. Ultimately, the car chase continues the hero clashes with each other and the trailer ends when the hero and his boss confront each other.

The trailer does not give much, but confirms the fact that we will see many elements within the game inspired by flame patterns.

The video also confirms that the exclusive "Livik" map will be released soon as well. PUBG Mobile recently announced the launch date of the map, which will be July 7. The new map is expected to arrive before the start of season 14 as part of the new 0.19.0 update. For those of you who are unfamiliar, Livik will be an intersection between everything that exists with snow in the upper right, a desert area in the lower left, while the rest are mainly grassland and trees. The map will be 2x2 km, making it the smallest map in classic mode and will only include 40 players at a time.

There was a significant and necessary modernization of the land while the buildings and houses were restored. The map also contains the usual vehicles, including motorcycles, UAZ, buggy, etc. A new monster truck is also added that can drive just about anything, including rocks. There are also some new water physics in the game due to the addition of waterfalls to the map. In addition to that, there is also a set of loot boxes in different parts of the map that are mostly loaded with a fully equipped pistol that includes Scope, Extended Mag and Foreground. I was hoping to add new weapons in addition to a new rifle called SPAS 12 and a new DMR called MK12.

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