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In this guide, we will tell you the easiest way to get the free Royale Pass in PUBG Mobile Season 14. The Royale Card, also known as the Elite pass, is a payment card that you can buy with UC.

Pubg is one of the most played games in 2019 and it is surprising that with the passage of time the game has managed to make it to the list of the best games in Playstore and also in the IOS app store.

PUBG has two categories which are Simple Pass and Elite Pass among which are Elite Pass and Royale Pass and you will get additional benefits if you upgrade to Royal Pass on PUBG mobile for free.

Distinguishing between a simple pass and a real pass is easy, you can only recognize by looking at the RP color if it is silver, the user has a standard pass and if it is gold, the user has an Elite Pass.

So in this guide we will tell you the easiest way to get pubg mobile royale traffic pass for free.

Trick to get a free Royale Pass in PUBG Mobile without root

There are many tricks to upgrade to Royale Pass for free, but in the end, they all require an Android device.

But as the title itself says, we will show you the best way to get Free uc on pubg mobile without rooting your Android device.

By default, users are offered the standard pass which doesn't bring any features, but once the Pass is upgraded to Royale, you get a lot of benefits like free UC, free skins, and many more perks with every mission you complete.

Before we begin, there are some points and prerequisites that you need to follow, so make sure to follow all of them carefully and also, we have also added some benefits of upgrading to pubg mobile elite pass for free.

Prerequisites before upgrading to Elite Pass in PUBG Mobile for free

  • This guide is for Android users only, if you are using IOS or any Apple device, we will create a separate post for that, so make sure to keep checking the IOS method article.
  • Make sure your Android phone has more than 75% battery charge
  • Make sure you have the latest version of Pubg installed on your phone
  • Make sure to link your PUBG account to Facebook
  • Make sure your device is connected to the internet, if you want to play PUBG without internet, you can follow our guide to play PUBG Mobile without internet

Benefits of buying a free Royale Pass on PUBG mobile

On a standard pass, you get 30 points for completing the mission, while on the Elite card you get 80 points for completing the mission:

In a standard pass, you get a reward after moving up to 3 places, while in the Royal Pass you get a reward for every rank you get

Apart from all of the above, there are many benefits to upgrading to the free pubg mobile elite card.

How to get a free Pubg Mobile Elite card

As we all know, PUBG is an online server based game and we can only play after being connected to the internet, so the most important step to get the free elite card for PUBG mobile is a good internet connection. Therefore, only continue after you have a good internet connection.

So the easiest way to upgrade the card for free is to refer your friends and then use that money to buy the PUBG Elite pass for free, so follow the steps below and be sure to comment which method works for you. Read more: PUBG New State pulls in a whopping 17m per-regstration sign-ups.

How to get free UC Cash in PUBG Mobile

So like we said above, the only better and ungrounded way to get free UC cash on pubg mobile is to earn by referring your friends and then use the money to buy the free pubg royale pass.

  • First of all, download the RozDhan app here
  • Now open the app and subscribe using your phone number
  • Now you will get 25 INR instantly
  • Now enter 04DTZJ and after entering you will get 25 more
  • So after doing all of the above, start referring your friends and earn money
  • Now you will get money in your Paytm account, after that you can use the money to buy Uc cash and then convert it to buy PUBG Elite pass for free

How To Get A Free Royal Ticket In PUBG Season 14

Once you get free money to refer your friends now, follow the steps below to get a free royalty card on Pubg Mobile Season 14.

  1. To get a free royalty card, open Pubg Mobile and click the RP icon on the right side
  2. Now click on Pass update.
  3. Now use the FREE UC you earned with the above mentioned cheat
  4. That's it !! This is how you can easily take advantage of the free PUBG Mobile Elite card.

You can also follow the PUBG Mobile Twitter account (here) to officially get a free developer pass.

Free PUBG Mobile Lite Winner Pass 

PUBG Mobile lite is the lite version of Pubg Mobile, and the game consists of fewer maps and limited graphics.

PUBG mobile recently introduced Winner Card for Pubg mobile lite users.

If you want a free Pubg mobile lite Winning card, you can follow the same arbitrage method with your friends and then use real cash to buy UC in pubg lite.

These were some of the best ways to get a free Pubg Mobile pass, we hope this guide will help you. If you have any questions, feel free to write us in the comment section below and we will get back to you with the solution as soon as possible.


How to get a free Royal Pass on Pubg Mobile?

You can get the free Elite card on PUBG mobile using the cheat provided in this guide, once you earn real money which you can buy by buying In Game UC and then use it to buy Royal Pass.

How to get free unlimited UC on Pubg Mobile?

If you want to get free unlimited UC on pubg mobile then you should use the money you earned by referring your friends using the Rozdhan app. You can use UC to buy many things on PUBG mobile and pubg Mobile lite.

Is it possible to get the Elite pass for free in PUBG Mobile?

Yes, you can get free elite card on Pubg mobile, but to get it you need to refer your friends first and after that you need to use the earned money to buy PUBG Mobile uc for free.
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