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You bought your first Royale Pass using these methods and the fun part is that you have to buy a one-time Royale Pass the way it was. At this point, you will get UC from the Royale Pass and next season with this UC you can simply buy another Royale Pass. It is very simple. By not wasting your time, what if we saw some of the more ideal approaches to getting to UC?

The best ways to earn free UC in PUBG MOBILE
These are all free strategies to get UC and I suggest that in case you need UC for free, at that time after purchasing a Royale Pass from your UC at that time, do not use the other UC you get from this Royale Pass to get another Royale Pass.

150 UC Free Warranty

Do you realize that PUBG MOBILE doesn't award 150 CU to South Korean players? I really tried this technique and got 150 free CUs. I realize that it is not enough to buy a Royale Pass as there is nothing better than nothing in any case with little effort.

  • Download any VPN for South Korea, I suggest Avast VPN SecureLine
  • Open it and select a country to be South Korea
  • For now, open PUBG MOBILE and collect the INBOX messages and in the upper right corner apologize to everyone.
  • Fit in Collect and get 150 UC

Note: This may not be considered on certain devices because the screen can also fail, but good morning are different strategies.

Earn money with Google Opinion Rewards

Well, in fact, you must have cash to buy UC, and you prefer not to spend a penny out of your pocket. Do you realize that Google itself has an app that only gives you money against your assumptions, it is actually from Google, so there are no opportunities for blackmail?

Just download Google Opinion Rewards and fill in some descriptions, and you get some cash. After some time when you have enough cash, you can withdraw it and use it in PUBG MOBILE to buy UC.

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