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PUBG Mobile Reunion Party: How To Get Free UC and How to Use It?

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For the first time in what seems like forever, you'll be able to claim UC for free in PUBG Mobile. As part of the PUBG Mobile Reunion event, 600 UC is ready. There are no restrictions for the giveaway. Although PUBG Mobile can charge ridiculous amounts of money for premium items in the game, it is set to give each player around $ 10 of a limited type of their typical premium currency. So how do you get it? And most importantly, how do you use it? Just read to find. Just know that if you're reading this after November 11, you've already missed a good chunk of your free limited UC. pubg arabic portal - albawwabaps.info.

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How to get 600 UC for free in PUBG Mobile

To get 600 UC for free in PUBG Mobile, you will need to log in on November 11. This exact date. You are free to play before and after that, but you will only get free UC if you sign up that day as well. You don't need to play a game. Don't worry if it's a little rusty. But you can't log in, get your reward, and run again. Get To PUBG Mobile UC midasbuy Now.

To claim 600 UC, you must log into the game for 2 hours throughout the day. Whether you do it all at once or during the day is up to you. But if you can't spend 120 minutes logging in on November 11, you won't get the reward. Once you have logged in in the allotted time, you will probably have to click on the event to claim your prize. Some rewards go straight to your in-game mailbox, but this type generally requires you to be prompted for your to-do list before it is sent to your mailbox.

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How to spend limited UC?

After claiming your 600 UC bonus, you may want to spend it. In fact, it should. It is UC limited. You can only spend them while the limited-time UC Store is available, which is exactly on November 11, the same day you can claim your gifts. We won't know what awaits us until that legendary day arrives, but what we do know is that free means free. We don't expect the best and greatest forms of the game, but something is better than nothing.

When is UC Limited Store open?

UC Limited Store opens November 11. Although a graphic shared by the game's social media accounts makes it look like it will be shutting down on November 25, it actually extends beyond the visual calendar. The game's event screen makes this clear and sets the UC Store Limited closing date as January 7. You will have a lot of time to use the limited UC, but you won't have a lot of time to earn if you haven't started yet.

HOW To Get Free Limited UC

Although you can get 600 UC for free on November 11, that's not the maximum you can get for a limited UC box. The PUBG Mobile Reunion event is a full festival that will last for weeks. You may have noticed if you invest hours before the UCSD 600 scholarships. But for those who haven't, they can claim up to 2,400 UC for free just by logging in and playing the game throughout the event. 

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